Independent Sales Office

If you are an ISO in the payment processing industry, MSI Canada is the best partner for you. We provide all the tools necessary to ensure the success and growth of your business.

Key Benefits:

  • NO COLD CALLING EVER: We provide your agents with three to five pre-set, pre-qualified, management confirmed appointments every day
  • WE TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS: Our corporate merchant support teams take care of your customers so you can focus on sales.
  • CATS (Canadian Account Tracking System): Our industry leading ISO and Agent portal provides real-time reporting for sales representatives, managers, and owners on every stage of your merchant’s sales cycle. Keep up to speed on residuals, batch reporting, and commissions. ISOs also receive access to a library of our exclusive training materials sales collateral.
  • Advanced Sales Training: Our experienced sales team allows your new representatives to “shadow” our agents during appointments, work side-by-side to educate them, and teach them how to close deals. We also provide weekly online comprehensive training webinars to keep everyone up to speed on this ever-changing industry.
  • Compelling Sales Collateral: We will provide your sales team with thorough sales kits and key industry information to further support your sales efforts.


MSI Canada’s ISO programs offer you and your representatives unlimited earning potential with flexibility based on your needs. Develop a partnership with MSI Canada and build additional revenue streams by offering processing services to additional market sectors and target areas or merchants based on your preference.

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