SafePay Login

SafePay is MSI Canada’s proprietary virtual gateway. SafePay gives our merchants access to process credit cards online 24/7/365.

Our Advantages

Fully CISP and PCI certified – the safest way to process online. Eliminate the worries of hackers trying to steal your customers’ credit card information!

FREE QUICK CLICK Shopping Cart – Or connect with over 80 certified shopping carts.

Recurring Billing – Offer your customers daily, weekly, or monthly billing options.

iSpyFraud Protection – iSpyFraud provides customized strategies, aiming to identify legitimate shoppers as opposed to fraudulent shoplifters. This tool provides strategy management and customer service tools to help you determine the legitimacy of transactions and set policies for accepting and rejecting transactions. This tool will help you to reduce risk and maintain your good-standing relationships with your customers.

Cardholder Authentication Card Programs:
Safepay Verified by Visa Safepay MasterCard SecureCode

Virtual Terminal – Authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions online from any computer.

API Integration – Utilize the highest level of secure transaction infrastructure available.

Batch Upload Processing – Control and approve transactions manually prior to settlement. The batch processing system automatically allocates the batches in 1/16 bins and reduces overall processing time.